Our Story

About Avey Enterprises

With over 20+ years in marketing and development, Roberto the founder and owner of Avey Enterprises is passionate about helping businesses succeed.

He has assembled top professionals with whom he’s worked throughout the years. These professionals have made their careers by helping companies reach success.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an environment of extremely creative and talented people, by cultivating their abilities and passions in an entrepreneurial spirit to perform at their best for a common benefit between client and agency. 

Our Awesome Team



Founder & CEO

I’m an ex-soccer player with a passion for cooking, coffee, and nature. I’m an advocate for autism and enjoy spending time with my son or playing soccer.



Director of Design & Dev

I enjoy working out and spending time with my family. I’m a designer and front-end developer specializing in various languages including  WordPress, custom layouts, HTML, CSS, Tableless Layouts, User Interface Designs, Actionscript, jQuery, and more.



Analytics & SEO Strategist

Strategist with a background in Advertising, Analytics, Brand, Marketing, SEO, and Web Development.

Client experience includes Capital One, L’Oréal, SOLO Cup, Schmidt’s, Kraft Heinz, Champion, Hanes, and UFC.



Social Manager

I am a certified social media expert who is passionate about advocating for human rights. In my free time, I enjoy staying active outdoors, dancing, reading, or spending time in my garden.



Virtual Assistant

I’m fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I enjoy baking in my free time and love the beach. My dream is to one day visit the pyramids in Egypt.

Our Values

Our team members are the engine of our company. For an engine to work properly all the parts must be in complete cohesion enabeling us to acheive our collective goals.


{Definition} Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.

~ We strive to work with people who are passionate about their discipline and the results of their work.



{Definition} A dependable person is someone you can count on in the workplace or at home or even in the greater management field.

~ Dependible & reliable, we strive to have team members that will be there when you need them and are able to accomplish tasks with great proficiency. 


{Definition} Someone who is honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright.

~ People who are sincere, truthful and credible helps build camaraderie and cohesion for a better functioning team. 

What We Do Best

PPC & Paid Ads


Web Development

Social Media

Email Marketing & CRM


Virtual Assistant


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