Reputation Management Reviews Software 

Leverage the power of online reviews by integrating them into your website to help SEO. Take it a step further by easily connecting your CRM to send automated SMS and Emails to clients asking them to review your business.


How it Works

Avey Reviews is an online business reviews platform that enables and collects reviews from websites then places them into a hub (our platform) for you to manage.  You can use our hub to communicate with people who wrote the review. Our hub will also hook up to your website, CRM (Email) platform which helps garner more reviews and convert future clients to your business.


Improve SEO with Business Reviews

Use Avey Enterprises software to increase your site’s SEO by adding reviews from 1st and 3rd party sources.

You can display reviews on your website with schema markup, for maximum SEO impact.

Track review sites like Yelp etc. and Google Q&A for insights into how your customers feel about you.

With our website Pop-Up, adding more reviews is easy!

Avey Reviews SEO benefit net promoter score

Avey Business Reviews Software integrates with 0ver 100 online review sites including:

integrate CRM with our reputation management system



Reach Out & Get Reviews

We integrate with the top CRM and Email platforms. Engage your customers after they signup or buy something. With Email or SMS you can easily send one-off messages or automated it.

Automated Request Reminders

Easily Brand with our customizable templates

Request 1st-party (your website) & 3rd-party sites (Yelp, etc.)

Personalization, customization & many other options


Small Business Reputation & Multi-Location Reviews

Generate reviews that market your business. Avey Reviews helps you build a continuous cycle of customer feedback and reviews that you can use to convert more customers. Now, you can manage the customer experience as big companies do at a price that is just right for you.

get customer reviews with SEO reviews software
Social Media  Business Review platform

Turn Reviews in Social media Content

With Social Sharing, you can turn your customer reviews into stunning social media content that you can post to your social media channels. You can share them directly from Avey Reviews or just download them for posting to Instagram and Twitter. Market the voice of your customer and stand out from the crowd with fresh visual content.


Success Stories

Clean Juice (Lunch Box & Toast)

Over the course of 2020, Clean Juice was able to send 250K feedback requests automatically via Avey Reviews’ Lunch Box and Toast integrations earning them thousands of reviews.

Two Maids

Over 9 months, Two Maids was able to send out 130K feedback requests automatically via the Avey Reviews API. They were able to massively increase their review numbers.

How Avey Reviews Works

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Insights & Reporting

Our Dashboards

  • Complete reporting suite
  • Reviews dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Multi-location segmentation views
  • PDF & CSV file exports
  • Automated delivery to your email
Avey Reviews reporting and dashboard for SEO

10-day free trial!

We do all the work, you get all the benefits!