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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study:

Since 1922 Dickies has been the global leader in workwear, but by the mid-2000s their sales became stagnant. The company invested heavily in sales through Amazon, Sears, and Walmart, which didn't garner brand visibility or Ecommerce sales. 

We quickly helped them double their business from $20MM - $50MM in less than two years by managing SEO, platform change, digital strategy, paid media, and analytics.

Kubota Marketing - Franchise Marketing Agency

Case Study:

Kubota Corporation introduced its first tractor to the United States in 1969. Since then Kubota has become a major John Deere competitor.  John Deere started selling tractors online through DTC Ecommerce, accelerating competition with Kubota.

Operating in a dealership model Kubota needed a digital marketing strategy, paid media, and UX wireframing to stay relevant in the market. Marketing Agency

Case Study:

Since 1912, Alabama-based Liberty began supplying tough denim overalls with an allegiance that spread across the south. By managing Liberty Bibs' digital advertising budget we quickly noticed they had a loyal following and a growing one.

This initiated the endeavor to build Liberty's first Direct to Consumer (DTC) Ecommerce website. 

Avey Reviews | Success Stories

Clean Juice (Lunch Box & Toast)

Over the course of 2020, Clean Juice was able to send 250K feedback requests automatically via Avey Reviews’ Lunch Box and Toast integrations earning them thousands of reviews.

Two Maids

Over 9 months, Two Maids was able to send out 130K feedback requests automatically via the Avey Reviews API. They were able to massively increase their review numbers.

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