Avey Reviews – Custom Review Notifications

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Reputation Management

We are thrilled to introduce our newest feature, custom review notifications, to our reputation management platform, which already included Avey Reviews review notifications. This addition allows you to receive notifications about your latest reviews in ways that are most informative to you, delivered straight to your email inbox.

Custom review notifications assist you in keeping track of the reputation and customer experience results that are important to you, whether it’s for your job position, department, or initiatives. You can create a review notification for weekly summaries of your worst reviews (1 and 2 stars) if you work in customer support, enabling you to promptly address them. Alternatively, your Director of Marketing may want a monthly summary of your 5-star Google reviews to use as social proof in marketing content.

This feature offers flexibility, allowing you to personalize the criteria and timing of your notification emails. You can control the review and rating information, such as review rating, Net Promoter Score, and review source, using our six-step process. Notification timing options include instant, daily summary, weekly summary, and monthly summaries. You can monitor multiple locations, labels, or supergroups to track what you want.

There are no restrictions on how many custom notifications you can create, and you can name them with titles that summarize their objectives to make it simple to manage them in the future. The following example displays four different custom notifications, each with its own criteria and purpose. You may even modify a notification if you need to add or remove criteria or recipients.

To begin setting up your custom review notification, navigate to SETTINGS, click on NOTIFICATIONS, and select the CUSTOM option.

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