How to Add More Survey Questions

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Request Modes

Additional survey questions can be added to the Net Promoter Score question in order to gather more specific information. These questions are optional and can be customized using a 0 – 10 base scale. It’s recommended to use additional survey questions when there is a need to collect more detailed feedback, such as after introducing a new product or service or making changes to personnel or processes. However, keep in mind that adding more steps to the feedback process may reduce the likelihood of receiving testimonials or reviews.

To set up additional survey questions, go to the Ultimate Mode templates and navigate to the Feedback Landing Page template. Click the “Add Survey Question” button to create a blank survey question template, and then enter the question text and label for the rating scale. You can create up to four additional survey questions, and each template is auto-saved.

It’s important to note that additional survey questions are only available in Ultimate and Direct Request Modes at this time. If you need additional help, you can contact the Avey Reviews Customer Success team by emailing

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