How to Set or Changing the Organization Type in Our Platform

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Request Modes

What does Organization Type mean in Avey Reviews?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) question, “How likely is it that you would recommend OUR COMPANY to a friend or colleague?” is used in all Avey Reviews’ Request Modes to measure customer satisfaction. The default organization type in the NPS survey question is set to “OUR COMPANY,” but Avey Reviews allows you to customize it to better fit your business. You can change the Organization Type at any time if you think it would help identify your business better.

For example, if Verg’s Bakery Westside thinks “OUR COMPANY” sounds too formal, they can change their Organization Type to “VERG’S BAKERY WESTSIDE” to read “How likely is it that you would recommend VERG’S BAKERY WESTSIDE to a friend or colleague?”

You can customize the Organization Type in any Request Mode step that includes the NPS survey question. Once you set the Organization Type, it will be applied to all other templates, and the change will cascade to other Request Modes as well. Avey Reviews provides a list of Organization Types you can choose from, including “Actual Company Name,” “Our Agency,” “Our Non-Profit,” and many more.

To change the Organization Type, navigate to the feedback request template that includes the NPS question, select the appropriate Organization Type from the drop-down list, and save. The newly changed Organization Type will then appear whenever the NPS survey question is shared during the feedback request step.

If you need additional help changing the Organization Type, you can contact the Avey Reviews Customer Success team at

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