What are the User Roles in Avey Reviews Reputation management

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Account management

When you add a user to Avey Reviews, you must select a user role. User roles assign permissions to a user such as the ability to read reviews, send requests, or access billing information. By default, each user role has a unique set of permissions designed to build teams that perform. You can also customize user role permissions.

  • User Roles
  • Default Permissions

User Roles

User roles allow you to manage access to data and features for your team. Available user roles include:

  • Administrator: Full access to all features and can manage all settings, users, and billing
  • Manager: Use of all features and access to settings
  • Team: Access and use of all core features
  • Contributor: Can access all content and data, add customers, reply to and publish reviews
  • Read Only: Can only read content and data, but not submit data

Default Permissions

The default permissions for user roles are as follows:

Permissions Read Contribute Team Manage Admin Owner
Read Reviews
View Reports
Reply to Reviews  
Send Requests Manually  
Add Customer  
Import Customers  
Send Requests Automatically    
Show/Hide Review    
Delete Customer    
Request Modes    
SMS Requests    
Kiosk Mode    
Review Widget    
Tag Widget    
Review Badge    
Conversion Pop-Up    
Social Sharing    
Brand and Colors    
Online Review Links    
Feedback Settings    
Business Details    
Add/Delete Users      
Authorization Settings      
Default Configuration      
API Details      
Add Location        
Delete Location        
News and Updates        
Change Plans        
User Role Permissions        
Access Billing Info        
Cancel Account        
Account Owner          


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